A strong theoretical background is at the base of our research and it is an essential tool in the strive to imagine viable alternatives to the current cultural, political and economical environment. It informs our design and set the framework in which our practice can be the most impactful.

The main driving force in the development of this work, was the intention of framing the record of public space interventions throughout the 20th Century. Through a selection of significant cases and authors, this research aims to catalogue about a century of intellectual and artistic experimentations – while offering a synthesized method to plan and design such interventions, contextualising them through history.

Each section of the book is supported by a rich iconographic apparatus through which the reader can intuitively gain insight about the visual and theoretical background supporting these cases.
Design for public spaces
BA thesis x ISIA Urbino
This publication is the result of a joint effort by the research team of the University of Applied Art of Vienna and the City Department for Architecture and Urban Development.

The research is an in-depth analysis of the urban and social conditions of a low-income residential neighborhood located in between Danube and an area which in recent years has been subject of intense gentrification processes.
The methodologies employed in the analysis help framing a clear and multi-layered picture of the current state of the area, by looking in detail into the urban fabric and the infrastructure serving this part of town, as well as documenting through interviews and pictures the personal perception of the inhabitants.
Possibilities for actions and further investigation are pinpointed throughout the publication and are presented by a rich visual language.
Eine urbane Knautschzone
mit Potential
Social design studio
MA19 Architektur und Stadtgestaltung
Vienna, Austria