We understand the significance of eco-responsible approaches and sustainable development within architecture, therefore we focus in our work onto efficient and durable solutions which aim to challenge the way we inhabit.

Compact living offers more democratic access to high quality architecture while significantly reducing its environmental impact – versatile, multi-functional and comfortable, these dwellings are made for a simpler contemporary lifestyle.

In 2020 we designed and realised Naturhem, a tiny house of only 22 sqm which features custom built interiors and a variety of mobile and semi-mobile solutions in order to accommodate up to 4 people simultaneously. With a full functioning kitchen, a complete bathroom and diverse sleeping options, this tiny house provides all the necessary comfort of a home in a much smaller footprint.

As for the exteriors, the volume and cladding are designed to integrate with the surrounding landscape, while the windows placement guarantees consistent natural light throughout the day.
Naturhem has been crafted with passion and buit with only sustainable materials, to be a completely off-grid, compact and affordable living alternative.
Tiny house
Kall, Jämtland, Sweden
Hem i Åre is the first and tiniest of the tiny house projects we realised so far.
Conceived to be completely off-grid, this project develops in single environment of 12 sqm which consist of a main multi-functional space organised in independent night and day areas. The compost-toilet is accessible from the back of the volume to enhance the separation of spaces and create a stronger relation with the outdoors, perceived as an extension of the house itself. Cladded with untreated wood to blend into the landscape, the façade presents big windows connecting the inside to the surrounding nature and allowing for plenty of natural light.

Currently, we are working on the design and realisation of a separate sauna which will serve as main bathroom and will be located in close proximity within the property.
Hem i Åre
Tiny house
Åre, Jämtland, Sweden