As we recognise the central role of  feeling at home in people’s daily experience, we work to deliver truly inspiring and enjoyable living spaces design to meet the needs of the people inhabiting them.

Our residential projects are conceived to reflect human scale proportions and fit the natural context in which they are introduced: they are functional, efficient and comfortable houses, designed with care and through responsible practices.

Femme hus
Private house
Funäsdalen, Härjedalen, Sweden
120 sqm
Femme hus is a family home located in a residential area of Funäsdalen. The 120 sqm house develops over two communicating floors which connect through a central area: here the fireplace, main focus of the space, separates the kitchen and dining from the living room and the staircase leading to the night area.

Characterised by its long prospectives and a careful use of natural materials, this house seamlessly stretches into the landscape, inviting the interaction with nature through the outdoor decking and the many windows decorating the façades.  
Å hus
Private house
Åre, Jämtland, Sweden
120 sqm
Å hus is private home designed for a young couple in Svesta, near Åre. The layout of the ground floor organises the program along a central spine which serves as recess for the entrance, the kitchen, the walk-in closet and the main technical systems. The living area is characterised by its open plan and flexible layout which connects with the upper floor and spills over into the greenhouse, enhancing the relation with the outdoors. Bathroom and the master bedroom are located on the opposite side of the volume – facing east – to ensure morning light and a greater degree of privacy.
Prefab Series x Ekoverken
75/90/120 sqm
The Löva series has been developed in collaboration with Ekoverken, a Swedish company involved in the production of pre-fabricated houses which promotes eco-responsible approaches within the field.

The series, consistent of three models of respectively 75, 90 and 120 sqm, is conceived to adapt to a variety of plots and thus serve a wide range of costumers. The design privileges flexible solutions and mixed-use spaces to increase possibilities for sharing and co-living while ensuring the most efficient use of energy and resources.

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Gällivare, Lapland, Sweden
The project developed for Repisvaara residential area – competition issued by the Gällivare Kommun in Lapland –represented the perfect framework in which to experiment forms for shared spaces within the creation of a brand new integrated settlement.

By approaching the 12 units as an interconnected whole, the project aims to create a neighborhood characterised by an intelligible architectural language and designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of potential residents. Based on an accurate analysis of the site, the proposal emphasises the natural assets of the area by carefully positioning each building to maximise southern exposure and visual connection to the landscape. The layout allows, not only for a larger degree of privacy within the single plots, but also to establish a variety of common spaces and activities areas to be shared and used among the residents. In the proposal, three house models are introduced in order to serve and accommodate families with different needs and means and therefore allow for a more democratic and affordable neighborhood.