Small scale architecture is a flexible, adaptive design approach which addresses public spaces and temporary settings on a smaller, more localized level. These kind of projects involve very practical aspects of the discipline and represent good creative frameworks for experimenting ideas, designs and construction technics.

We continue to explore this field independently and by tutoring workshops in collaboration with the Italian association Camposaz.

The VALA sauna was designed and built in summer 2017, within the framework of the 10-day design and making summer school FLOODED, organised jointly by the Department of Interior Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Estonian Forest Management Centre.

Building a sauna embraces various aspects of architecture and interior architecture as well as various climatic and cultural aspects. It provides a great opportunity to focus on an important building typology in Nordic culture, one that has been present in the lives of Estonians throughout history, from birth to death.

The sauna ritual is intertwined with water –in this case, taking people directly onto the Soomaa streams which at least once a year floods the roads, meadows and yards of the region, creating an unusual, fascinating new world.
VALA floating sauna
Workshop x EKA Tallin,
Soomaa natural park, Estonia
Gardern Limarò is the result of the ten-days summer workshop we tutor for Camposaz: Riva del Garda in 2022.
Main objective of the group was to deliver a common space for guest and students in the middle of the vegetables garden of Maso Limarò – a traditional mountain maso converted into a restaurant and guest house.

The project is conceived as a mixed-use structure, permeable and in dialoge with the surrounding gardens and the closeby greenhouse. It invites the public to experience the space from a variety of prospectives and engage in different activities while enjoying the shade it provides in the hot italian summers.
Garden Limarò
Workshop x Camposaz,
Riva del Garda, Trentino, Italy